The Venice of the East

Udaipur is certainly a picturesque setting in Rajasthan in western India. Where marharajas once ruled with the sword. Palaces and forts are so numerous, tourists get forted out.

Some people also find it hard to travel here because there is great effort to overcharge in some places. Especially, if a visitor is seen as ignorant or naive.

For architecture and scenes. Udaipur is one of the premiere places in India. Photos are here, of course. link

The Udaipur Pictures


Udaipur, Rajisthan

The weather here in winter reminds me of the Southwestern USA. So, it's very pleasant. A desert environment with cool nights. Days are warm in the sun, and slightly cool in the shade. Perfect, actually. I'll add more pictures later. For now, this is one evening in south Rajasthan in the city of Udaipur.