India Travel and Culture

India, where the hassle can be a huge pain. But travel here is so powerful an experience, it must be done to be understood.

Into the dark depths of the subcontinent that the British could not hold and the Moghuls could not tame.

India the Magnificent

ganges womanThe sacred Ganges - Kumbh Mela

Sikkim monasterySikkim



Jaisalmer and the Golden Fort

Jain Temples

Rhododendrons and hiking

Tibetan Opera and Culture

The art of Elena Fadeeva at Pineleaf Studio

Into the Bowels of India the Hard Way

I travel through India with the Indians, not the tourists. And as such you will not find the Madison Avenue hype here, but rather the truth, as uncomfortable as that may occasionally be.

India remains one of the great travel places on this planet, as it has long been from ancient times of Alexander the Great to Mark Twain a hundred or so years ago. It is changing, globalizing, but still it has the Old Ways in many places, where you can eat dahl and rice until your intestines blow out, smoke hash with a wayward sadhu in the jungle, or just veg and take in the stream of life and humanity that is India.

Coming - Varanasi, the Himalaya, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Dharamsala and the Dalai Lama, Buddhist sites, Hindu temples, Pondicherry, tea gardens, saddhus, and always the very strange.