Jodhpur Fort

This is the best fort tour in Rajasthan, mainly because the audio tour is excellent. With interviews, music, and a job that is obviously very professional.

The Jodhpur Fort entrance fee is also the most expensive in the state. At 300 Rs for foreigners at last count. When i asked them how many people go through the fort, they said about 400 in the off-season, and more than 1000 during the main season. So, that comes out to somewhere between $2000 and $5000 a day, which is good money anywhere, let alone India. link

The Jodhpur Fort Pictures



The fort is called Maheranarh. To get an idea of he mentality of the times, when it was built, the chieftain who was in charge kicked a hermit out of the mountain the fort is built on. The hermit cursed the whole project, and that was given as the reason for a lack of water there in ensueing years. To remedy that, the priests called for a human sacrifice, and one of the loyal men volunteered to have himself sealed into the rocks, to die.

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