Jodhpur the City

It sits below the fort, which dominates all scenes here. Down below, the market is one of the better ones in India, situated around the Clock Tower which is the best known landmark in the main part of the city.

The streets tend to be narrow in the old city, which makes them cooler and better or walking. Unfortunately, they are jammed withi motorcycles, which is the curse of modern India.

Visitors can sit on roof top restaurants and get a view of everything. It's quite pleasant, sipping a cold one in late afternoon and early evening as the sun sets and the stars come out. link

The Jodhpur Pictures

The Blue City of Rajasthan

Up high looking down on he city, a good part of it is blue. The stone buildings are painted that way and have been since the British days when that color scheme was started prior to a visit by British royalty.

Here we have a cross-section of life for your discernment.

The Jodhpur Fort, again.

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